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Does the sound of a dental drill make you nervous? Then we have good news! The Waterlase laser has changed the way a dentist completes a dental restoration. Laser dentistry allows West San Jose dentists to provide a minimally invasive method for removing tooth decay.

Patient in dental chair is happy with no drilling dentistry

This dental laser treatment method is faster, more precise, and creates less tooth sensitivity than a standard dental drill. Your teeth will be restored with no unpleasant vibrations and less need for anesthetic injections.

What Is the Waterlase Dental Laser?

The Waterlase dental laser is an FDA-approved device that uses a stream of water and a beam of laser-generated power to reshape bone, restructure gum tissue, and remove tooth decay accurately.

It cuts through hard and soft tissues because the water, combined with energy, creates a unique wavelength that can cut through the surface of a tooth or bone.

The laser replaces the other tools, such as the drill, anesthetic needle, and scalpel. The precise area of your tooth and gums gets hit with a concentrated beam of laser energy to create a reaction with the water molecules.

This makes a pain-free way through the enamel or gum tissue. As the laser works, a continual stream of cool water sprays the area to prevent the patient from feeling the heat.

Typically, the pain felt when using a drill is from the heat, vibrations, and pressure. The Waterlase provides the same treatment but with none of the adverse reactions. As a result, you eliminate the need for a needle and drill, making treatment more manageable for patients.

How the Waterlase Dental Laser Can Be Used to Provide Anesthesia-Free Treatments

Your tooth's enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, so it's no surprise that dentists have to use intense equipment like a high-speed drill to remove it. But the Waterlase dental laser is a milder way to remove tooth decay, and many patients benefit from this gentler method.

Every Waterlase treatment will vary, but some elements remain the same. The dental team provides you with protective eyewear. After that, a Waterlase laser sends a small stream of water to cut through the tissues. It also sterilizes as it moves, and the entire treatment can be finished in one visit.

Although the Waterlase dental laser can complete various procedures, filling and restorations are the most common.


Removing tooth decay to place a filling is a standard procedure in most dental offices. However, having a filling placed makes some patients anxious because they know they will receive a shot.

Laser dentistry provides anesthesia-free fillings, making treatment practically painless. Patients become more willing to schedule appointments and cooperate in the office.


The Waterlase dental laser goes beyond removing tooth decay. Because of its precision, the technology found in the Waterlase allows the dentist to treat the damaged tissues in your mouth without harming the healthy areas. This includes aligning gums and preparing for dental crowns.

Who Can Benefit from Anesthesia-Free Procedures with the Waterlase Dental Laser?

Many patients can benefit from the use of the Waterlase dental laser. However, it's a great tool for patients who experience dental anxiety. Using a laser provides treatment without the whizzing sound of the drill or the needles that so many people fear.

Because the Waterlase laser cauterizes as it goes, it minimizes bleeding and helps speed up the healing process. Patients concerned about post-treatment pain will be pleased to hear that the laser reduces this discomfort, making the day after treatment more manageable.

Using the Waterlase dental laser reduces the visits required to complete treatment. This eases anxiety because patients know they have one appointment and their restoration will be done.

Need Anesthesia-Free Fillings or Restorations in West San Jose?

The best way to determine whether you are a candidate for anesthesia-free restorations or fillings is to schedule an appointment with Pries Dental Care. Laser dentistry is a suitable alternative to many traditional dental procedures. Call our office today to schedule your consultation!