Why Choose a Dentist Who Uses the Waterlase Dental Laser?

Technology changes daily, giving dentists cutting-edge tools like dental lasers. Laser dentistry allows your West San Jose dentist to tend to your oral health with greater precision. The Waterlase laser is a gentle and exact technique that provides high-quality care in a patient-friendly environment.

No Pain Dentistry with lase dentistry at Pries Dental Care

Waterlase removes hard and soft tissue using specialized technology that combines the power of lasers with water. It does not produce uncomfortable vibrations, heat, or high-pitched noises. The Waterlase dental laser was FDA-approved in 1998 and is safe for patients of all ages.

What Can Waterlase Do?

Waterlase can be used during a dental cleaning to remove hard deposits from the teeth. It also removes enamel and tooth decay to prepare for a dental restoration. The Waterlase dental laser can also be used for soft tissue treatments like periodontal therapy or gum contouring.

Waterlase can carry out many cosmetic and general dental procedures. Routine Waterlase dental laser treatments include:

  • Smile design
  • Reshaping bone
  • Dental cleanings
  • Removing an abscess
  • Removing tooth decay
  • Completing root canals
  • Placing dental implants
  • Recontouring gum tissue
  • Healing fever blisters, ulcers, and canker sores

Treatment completed using laser dentistry is typically less painful than traditional methods.

Advantages of Waterlase Dentistry

When searching for a dentist, it’s crucial to consider the techniques and technology they use. A critical piece of technology is a dental laser.

Laser dentistry, like Waterlase, allows the dental team to eliminate the typical reasons patients become uncomfortable during treatment, including sensations of pressure, vibrations, and heat. Additionally, Waterlase dental lasers do not produce a high-pitched squeal like a traditional dental drill.

Laser dentistry can target specific parts of your mouth to correct dental conditions without irritating or damaging the surrounding tissue. Other benefits of Waterlase include:

  • Lower risk of damaging other teeth
  • Precise, painless treatment
  • Anesthetic-free dental care
  • Reduced need for sutures
  • Lower risk for infection
  • Rapid healing

You can discuss the pros and cons of laser dentistry and your current oral health conditions with Dr. Pries by scheduling a consultation. Waterlase laser dentistry can enhance and simplify your treatment plan for quick and gentle dental work.

How Waterlase Is Used at Pries Dental Care

Whether completed using traditional methods or Waterlase, treatment details vary. But with laser dentistry, you can count on staying more comfortable with reduced anxiety. Our team completes the following procedures using the Waterlase dental laser.

Periodontal Therapy (Periodontitis)

Waterlase dental lasers can perform minimally invasive periodontal treatment for moderate to severe cases. We have greater flexibility in treatment planning because we can treat a specific area or your entire mouth.

The Waterlase laser provides gentle soft-tissue therapy to remove diseased bacteria without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.

Drill-Free Fillings

Sometimes called a “no-shot” or “no-drill” filling, Waterlase removes tooth decay without numbing the tooth for a more conservative restoration. The laser eliminates the bacteria in the cavity without causing discomfort. Instead of using a dental drill, Dr. Pries applies the laser to the cavity to efficiently destroy the bacteria.

After the laser kills the bacteria, the tooth is cleaned with another dental instrument, then the filling material is applied. Some patients may experience minor discomfort immediately following the procedure, but it subsides soon after.

Cosmetic Gum Contouring

Gum contouring is a dental procedure that removes extra gum tissue or adds it when necessary. The edges of the tissue can be manipulated to enhance the shape of each tooth, creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Crown Lengthening

A crown lengthening procedure exposes more of a tooth’s surface by removing excess tissue. This treatment is ideal for areas that have received periodontal treatment but can also treat tissue that has been injured.

Before laser dentistry, a scalpel and sutures were required to complete this procedure. It was an effective treatment, but it was uncomfortable for patients. The Waterlase dental laser is a pain-free alternative that reduces infection risk and bleeding.

Dental Implants

Waterlase treatment for dental implant placement enhances patient comfort, reduces bacteria, and promotes more accurate placement. Laser treatment also promotes faster healing, making it an ideal option for dental implant placement.

Learn More About Waterlase at Pries Dental Care

Your comfort is our top priority at Pries Dental Care, so we continually update our technology. We want to provide you with the best, and the Waterlase dental laser allows us to do that.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more about this innovative treatment.