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General Family Dentistry

West San Jose, CA

Dental Care for Your Family

Your dental health is directly related to your overall physical health, which is why having a primary dentist is so important for every person, regardless of age. At Pries Dental Care, we provide exceptional dental care to the whole family in a friendly, comfortable, high-tech dental office. Dr. Pries and his team make it their highest priority to ensure that you are at ease while receiving the best care possible. Our dentists, hygienists and our entire staff make a visit to the dentist a positive experience!
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Our High-Tech Dental Office

At Pries Dental Care in West San Jose, we have the latest technology to make your dental visits more comfortable and efficient. By using intraoral cameras, CEREC same-day restorations , digital x-rays and 3D cone beam CT scanning technology, we are able to complete your dental treatments in less time with better results.

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Checkups & Cleanings iconCheckups & Cleanings icon
Checkups & Cleanings

It is important to visit our office twice each year for your professional teeth cleaning and check-up, where our friendly dental hygienists will gently and effectively remove plaque and tartar buildup with an ultrasonic scaler. Your teeth will feel fresh and clean and Dr. Pries can address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your dental health. He will also examine your teeth, gums and jaw structure and check for any developing health problems, including oral cancer. When necessary, low-radiation digital x-rays are taken so we can examine the soft tissue. When cavities and other issues are caught early, we can do so much more for you in terms of repairing and healing. During check-ups and cleanings, our staff genuinely cares about your comfort. Do not put off your regular checkups. Schedule an appointment today!

Fillings iconFillings icon

When a tooth becomes decayed and a cavity forms, it is necessary to remove the decayed tissue and fill it with a durable substance. The filling will keep the structure of the tooth intact and protect it from further deterioration. Fillings today are commonly made from a tooth-colored resin. In the past, other materials such as amalgam (a blend of metals) were used. If you are having any kind of trouble or problem with current fillings, or would like to replace metal or silver fillings, we can help!

Endodontics iconEndodontics icon

When a tooth becomes decayed on the inside, but the enamel and hard structure of the tooth can be saved, we will perform a root canal. During this treatment, the damaged or decayed soft tissue and nerve is cleaned out and the area is cleaned and sealed, preserving the tooth. Dr. Pries routinely performs root canals in the office and if a crown is required, we create the crown during the same appointment with our CEREC crown-fabricating mill, using the best ceramic materials. If a root canal is needed, it is important to have it done as soon as possible to prevent the spread of infection to surrounding soft tissue.

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Emergency Dentistry

If any type of emergency arises with your dental health, call us! Whether it be trauma to a tooth or teeth, or a painful toothache, Dr. Pries is an emergency dentist in West San Jose and you can usually be seen the same day.

(408) 260-0200

Additional General Family Dentistry Services

  • Extractions

  • Sealants

  • Fluoride Treatment

  • Night Guards

  • Periodontal Treatment (for gum disease)

  • Oral Surgery

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