What Is Waterlase Laser Dentistry? What You Should Know

Laser dentistry involves innovative technology that is redefining dental experiences everywhere. Patients can now get most dental treatments done with less pain, less bleeding, less healthy tissue damage, and a lower risk of infection. This article explains how Waterlase laser treatments work and where to find the best dentist in San Jose who provides laser dentistry.

Dentist Dr Pries Talks to Patient About Benefits of Laser Dentistry in San Jose

Since its FDA approval in 1994, laser dentistry has transformed how millions of people receive dental care. For many of these people, the advancement of laser dentistry has helped reduce anxiety by offering less invasive and virtually pain-free treatments, enabling people to get the oral care they need.

While laser dentistry is not new, many people are only now hearing about it. The mention of using a laser on the sensitive tissues of the mouth is expected to be met with some skepticism. Yet, after learning more about it, we're sure you’ll agree that this groundbreaking dental technology will one day become the standard of care.

Read on to learn more about how laser dentistry works and where to find a laser dentistry expert in San Jose.

What Is Waterlase Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is, as the name suggests, an innovative way to treat various dental conditions using a laser instead of traditional drills and other instruments. Instead of the standard drill you may be familiar with, a Waterlase laser involves delivering a small beam of laser light to the targeted bone, tooth, or tissue through a stream of water. The water stream cools the area that is being treated while the laser performs the work of traditional dental instruments with pinpoint accuracy.

What Are the Benefits of Waterlase Laser Dentistry?

The advanced technology of laser dentistry offers several advantages for both the patient and the dentist compared to traditional dental procedures.

  • Less Painful: The first and arguably most important benefit is that laser dentistry provides a virtually pain-free experience thanks to the constant stream of water that keeps the area cool during treatment.

  • More Comfortable: Dental lasers do not require pressure or cause vibrations, which can be painful or irritating for the patient. Patients often require less dental anesthesia because of the reduced amount of pain associated with laser dentistry.

  • Less Invasive: Waterlase is less invasive than traditional dental procedures. This results in less swelling, bleeding, and post-procedure pain than traditional treatment methods. Additionally, there is minimal bleeding due to the laser cauterizing blood vessels when incisions are made. This also leads to faster healing time.

  • More Hygienic: Waterlase laser treatment is more hygienic than traditional dental techniques because it involves less aerosolization than traditional treatment methods.

  • Better Accuracy: Laser technology allows dentists to be far more precise in targeting small areas that need treatment.

What Dental Problems Can Waterlase Laser Dentistry Treat?

Waterlase Laser Dentistry is a versatile treatment technology that can address a variety of dental issues, including:

  • Brightening your smile with laser teeth whitening

  • Removing tooth decay without the need for anesthesia

  • Reshaping the gum line to improve the appearance of a gummy smile and create a more harmonious gum contour

  • Gentle preparation for dental fillings and other restorative dental procedures

  • Precision treatment of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, while preserving healthy gum tissue around the affected area

  • Reshaping gum tissue and bone for successful placement of a tooth crown

  • Enhanced precision when preparing bone and gum tissue for dental implants

Pain-free laser dentistry represents a modern approach to dental care and offers patients a less invasive and more comfortable treatment experience.

Are Dental Lasers Safe?

Our patients often ask, “Is laser dentistry safe?” Yes, it's FDA-approved and safe for a variety of dental treatments. When performed by a trained dentist, dental lasers are safer than traditional tools, reducing the risk of bleeding, pain, and errors.

Where to Find the Best Laser Dentistry in San Jose

Laser dentistry is revolutionizing dental care through its numerous benefits. As this technology continues to advance, this form of dentistry will play an increasingly prominent role in modern dental practice.

Pries Dental Care is proud to offer patients Waterlase laser dental treatments as a more comfortable and minimally invasive alternative to traditional treatments.

Dr. Gus Pries leads a team of dental experts committed to helping you achieve optimal dental health and a perfect smile through modern dentistry techniques — including state-of-the-art laser treatments. At Pries Dental, we believe that your experience should be as amazing as your results. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring our patients feel comfortable and cared for from the moment they walk in.

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